At the Riddell Umpires, we have a great group of females who particpate in all aspects of umpiring each week.




Meet the girls from the Riddell Umpires.  This year 14 ladies will take to the field, boundary and goals. Nationally 10-15% of umpires are female and in 2015, 10% of the Riddell Umpires list is made up of these young ladies. Everyone at the Riddell Umpires is proud of each and every girl that takes to the field and we hope to continually keep increasing our numbers.

2015 Female Umpires.  Back: Kasey Sinclair, Madeleine Odgers, Shauna Wojcik, Ti-Arne Hickey and Britt Giles. Front: Jordan Athorn, Brittney Middleton, Adele Reardon, Kiara Taylor, Kelly Humphries and Karlee Farrell. Absent:  Lita Cooney, Amber Robinson and Kaylee Eales.



Female Umpires




Umpiring has been a big part of my life through my family’s involvement over the years. I first became involved 10 years ago when Dad was senior coach and now I am the first female coach at the Riddell Umpires.

Growing up, umpiring has allowed me to stay fit by pushing my boundaries in a team environment. Umpiring is a great way to stay involved in football, meet new people and develop friendships. I would recommend getting involved to anyone who has a passion for football especially females.

I look forward to using my role as coach to help develop our young umpiring group, especially all of our girls.

~Brittany Giles

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Riddell umpires is not only a great place to get fit and be a part of Australia's best game, but it's also a fantastic opportunity to meet life long friends.

In a male dominated sport it's great to know that every female is welcomed into the Riddell umpires, with support, respect and encouragement. In my experience, I know I'm a part of the team, not only in the Riddell umpires group but also within the girls.

It is a great experience for all girls and everyone is encouraged to go further and maybe end up having a career in umpiring.

~Jordan Athorn


Riddell Umpires has been my home for 5 years now, even though it feels like a life time. We are a small association but we have some of the best males and females, who regardless of who you are, will make you feel welcome.

The footballers respect us girls and appreciate us for being apart of the game.

I was lucky enough to be appointed Female Liaison Officer in 2014, which gives me the roll of looking after the girls and making sure they all feel settled and safe at the RU. This role also gives me the privilege of organising separate girl events.

I would encourage all females to come down on a Wednesday and give it a go. I would love to see our numbers double. I've made some amazing friendships at Riddell of which I see a handful of them regularly out of umpiring. You to, could make some great friends.

~Ti-Arne Hickey


I followed my dads footsteps into umpiring and this is my 6th year. It's my 2nd year at Riddell and it has been the best one yet.

All the boys and girls are very welcoming. Riddell Umpires provides great opportunities to meet new friends, stay involved in the game and stay in shape.

I umpire in the field and it would be pretty cool to have more girls to umpire with.

~Kelly Hunphries


If you would like to be involved in Umpiring click HERE

For more information contact our Female Liason Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.