The Riddell Umpires have just launched their Umpiring Is For Everyone campaign. The campaign is aimed at recruiting new umpires no matter their background.

Within the Riddell Umpires we have a group that covers a large demographic. We have males and females of all ages, we have family members, people that have played football at varying levels and we have people that never played the game. We also have a members from a range of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

We only have to look our campaign photo to see the evidence. Brittany (far left) is new to umpiring, has never played the game and is yet to umpire a game while Eric (2nd from the left) standing alongside her is a life member of the Riddell Umpires and is a veteran of 828 games. One of the most recognizable figures in the photo is Addam Icely (4th from the right). Addam has played football at a range of levels. He was a member of the Western Jets and once played on the MCG. He has also played in an RDFL premiership for Gisborne and now enjoys staying involved with a whistle on his hand. Billy Mitchell (far right) is senior field umpire and is our junior coach. He is joined by his brother Jiaya (green shirt in the centre) who is a boundary umpire and new junior field umpire. Brittany Giles (green shirt in the centre) joined umpiring when her dad Steven was the senior coach. She now runs the boundary and has taken up junior umpiring. Lita Cooney (2nd from the right) is the most experienced female umpire at the Riddell Umpires. In 2013 Lita became the 1st female to reach 500 games. The photo also includes Harley Darmanin (3rd from the left) who is our 1st year development coach, Darwish Chahine (4th from the left) who took up umpiring to be involved in the game he loves and Ti-Arne Hickey (3rd from the right) who is our Female Liaison Officer.

It doesn't matter who you are or where you have come from, if you have a love of our great game and you want to keep fit while making tax free money, then why not consider becoming an umpire. At the Riddell Umpires we can almost guarantee that if you do, you will find someone that started out in a situation not much different to yourself. So why not give it a go today.

For more information on becoming an umpire, CLICK HERE