CONGRATULATIONS!  You have taken the first step to getting involved in the greatest game in the country.  Umpiring is a fun and rewarding activity that gives you the best seat in the house to see all the action.



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There is no official minimum age, however 14 is the recommended age to get started.


You need NO experience to get started. All we ask is that you have an open mind and are ready to learn.


You don’t need to be fit to get started! Fitness is all relative to the level of football you wish to umpire. The higher level of footy, the fitter you need to be! 

Our umpires train just like other sports, so regardless of where you are starting from, you can achieve greater levels of fitness, if that’s what you want. 


We train each Wednesday night during the footy season. For more information on training, click HERE                                                                                

Which Discipline?

We have three disciplines in umpiring.

Field Umpires

This takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. Umpires under 18 usually officiate on Sunday’s (Junior Football) while older umpires can do one or both days.

Field umpires are in control of the whole game. They make decisions on all free kicks and complete the official paperwork.

Boundary Umpires

This takes place on Saturdays. Boundary umpires are the judges of whether a ball is in or out of bounds. They also assist goal umpires with scoring decisions.

BLK12025929 998984943487322 583932140 oGoal Umpires

This takes place on Saturdays. Goal umpires are judges of all scores. 

If you are unsure which discipline is best for you, come down to training and we will help you.  

How much will I earn?

Another great benefit of being an Aussie Rules Football Umpire is that you will be paid for all the fun and fitness you have.

Senior Field umpires can earn as much as $2000+ per season, and all TAX FREE! Match payments range from $40 up to $120 per game.

What else?

We will get you started with specialist coaching, a uniform, rule books etc. If you are a first year umpire, you will be allocated a mentor who will guide you through match day for the first few weeks.

If you enjoy your umpiring, you can look at taking the next step to the VFL and then onto the AFL!




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