All umpires who walk onto the field must be AFL Accredited or be enrolled in Accreditation. The AFL have introduced this to make sure that all umpires have a minimum amount of knowledge when it comes to umpiring.

New to Umpiring?
All new umpires must undertake their Level 1 Accreditation.

Umpired before but never undertaken Accreditation?
Although we are confident that you can umpire, the AFL have requested that all umpires be accredited. You will still need to undertake accreditation.

Did you pass your Accreditation more than 4 years ago?
AFL Accreditation only last 4 years. You will need to be observed three times to be re-accredited. You will not need to complete the online theory component.


There are 2 parts to accreditation.

1. An online theory component.

2. Be observed three times by your coach and fulfill the requirements.

To begin click HERE

Follow the prompts. You will be required to pay $12. However on completion the association will refund you.
Bring your certificate to your coach and we will arrange your observations.

Want Level 2 Accreditation?

Level 2 is available to all umpires who umpire on a Saturday or are running in 2 umpire systems in the field on Sundays and have completed their Level 1. 

At this stage Level 2 is not compulsory, however the AFL are talking about making it mandatory if you want to umpire Senior Football. Level 2 is also required to be nominated for all AFL programs including Interleague Games, Mates Program, VFL Transition and if you want to become an AFL umpire. 

If you have completed Level 2 longer than 4 years ago you will be required to be observed at least 3 times this year to be re-accredited. The cost of Re-Accrditation is free. 

If you have never completed level 2, you can nominate to do so. You will be required to complete a workbook and be observed 3 times. There is no cost to the umpire. 

To nominate for Level 2 or to be re-accredited, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

Will I need to do this again?

Your accreditation will expire in 4 years. At this time you will need to be observed three times by your coach.