Keeping Up With Kyle

DSC 0718Welcome to the 1st edition of Keeping Up With Kyle. In this piece we will follow the off season of Kyle Fisher as he aims to make it onto the VFL list as a boundary umpire in 2014.

For those of you that don't know Kyle, he has been a boundary umpire at the Riddell Umpires since 2011 umpiring 67 games of which 39 have been senior games. The 3 years that Kyle has spent at the Riddell Umpires has been a large success for him. In his first year he umpired the U/18 grand final and in 2012, only his second year, he achieved the ultimate goal of umpiring his first senior grand final. In 2013 Kyle backed up his senior grand final appearance and also won the coveted Golden Whistle Award - This award is provided by the AFL and is presented as an encouragement award to an umpire who is identified as having the potential to umpire at the highest level.


Following his success at the Riddell Umpires Kyle is now looking to take his career further and the 1st step is obtaining a position on the VFL list. Kyle along with Pat Plowman were nominated by Boundary Umpire Coach Cameron Black and have both been invited to trial in 2014. Nick Luke is also looking to re-obtain his position on the Field Umpires panel in 2014.

Official VFL Preseason starts at Victoria Park on the 14th of January however there is an expectation that a significant preseason is performed on your own time before this date. We checked in with Kyle to see how his preseason is going and how he is progressing towards his goal.

When asked what he has been up to over the preseason, Kyle had the following to say " I have been doing a lot of 6-8km runs about 4 to 5 times a week. I just completed a 2km time trial to submit to the VFL so that they can get an indication of where people are at with their program. I've been doing some weight training to strengthen my legs to help with throws and a lot of core stability work to assist in running and throws when fatigued". We asked Kyle what aspects of the training he has found easy and which parts have been difficult. Kyle's response was " Some of the runs they ask you to do say easy pace so you can just cruise it and do it at your own pace. What's hard is that i've missed 2-3 weeks of the program due to exams and now I have to make up for what I have missed. Also running alone can be a bit boring as there is no one there to push me. Finding the motivation can be hard at times but sometimes you just gotta suck it up". We also asked Kyle what is next on the agenda "I go to Collingwood on the 14th of January to start their preseason. Over the next few weeks leading up to that date, i'll keep going with the 6-8 km runs and i'll also add a few 10km+ runs. I'll also start to do more interval/sprint work and i'll be doing a lot more 400m runs and distances like that. From the 14th of Jan I have a month to complete the benchmark and hopefully be successful and get a place on the VFL list".

From everyone at the Riddell Umpires, we wish Kyle, as well as Pat Plowman and Nick Luke the best of luck in their training and attempt to get onto the VFL panel.  Check back with us in late January to see how the rest of Kyle's offseason went and how he went at the 1st official VFL training session.