Two Great Umpires. Two Very Different Paths

DarylKieron NichollsIn 1988 two Riddell Umpire greats umpired their first senior competition grand finals. Daryl Odgers and Kieron Nicholls shared the honour when they walked out onto the field for the U/18 Grand Final. Daryl joined the Riddell Umpires in 1987 while Kieron started his career in the juniors in 1984. 1988 was the year of Daryl Odgers, with him winning the Golden Whistle award. 







In 1989, Kieron Nicholls umpired the Division 1 Reserves Grand Final. His last of 90 games at the Riddell Umpires. Kieron joined the VFL panel in 1990. He umpired 71 AFL Reserves, 12 VFL U/19, 89 VFL, 17 VFL Reserves and 21 VFA U/18 games during his time at the VFL. He reached the top of the VFL when he umpired the 1999 VFL Grand Final.

In 1996, Kieron Nicholls became the first and only field umpire from Riddell Umpires to become an AFL Field Umpire. His career spanned from 1996 through to his retirement in 2008. He umpired 154 AFL games and was the umpire selected to officiate the 2006 match in London at The Oval.

Daryl on the otherhand remained at the Riddell Umpires through to the end of the 1996 season. The highlight of Daryl's career was the 1993 Division 2 Senior Grand Final. In 2011, Daryl, one of Riddell Umpires favourite sons returned to the field. And it didn't take long for him to succeed. Just like back in 1988, Daryl umpired the 2011 U/18 Grand Final. This weekend, 27 years after umpiring his first match, Daryl umpires his 300th game.

The Riddell Umpires wishes to congratulate these two guys on equally excellent careers and we hope that Daryl has an amazing and memorable milestone match this weekend.