Yeendy's Last Hurrah

A beloved character within not only the Ridell Umpire's community but the league as a whole will call time on his Riddell Umpire's career in Game 250!. Yeendy has been involved with the umpires for 13 years! and this weekend he run out for the final time on his favourite ground in the league, Tony Clarke reserve (Macedon). 

Thankyou for your contribution to the Riddell Umpire's Chris we have loved having you on board and you will be missed! We wish you well in your future endavours!

Run Well & Goodluck!  


Hawks Vs Pies Night at the G 2019!


-- Under 30 Umpire Event--

Friday 5th July 2019 

Free Entry & Bus Transport

Pick up 1  from Sunbury College Bus Terminal 4pm

 Pick up 2 from Melton Waves 4:30pm 

A Permission Slip is required for those under 18, which can be found HERE


Please print this form out with the information filled out by your parent / guiardian and returned to Harley Darmanin. ASAP  


Night at the G


As it is School Hioliday's and there are no football games for us to officiate this weekend there will be no Training this week. The Meetings that were scheduled for this weeks training will be pushed back to next week unless stated otherwise between now and then. 

AFL Goldfields Laws & Rules for Female Football 2019

2019 NEW AFL Laws of the Game For Female Football 2019 



AFL Goldfields Outline of the New Rules and Regulations of Female Football in 2019

Photo's on Matchday!

 Stevie  Eric




               Stevie 400th Panel 



Jake Bucciarelli 3 

Here's some Great Photo's taken on Match Day! 


If you take any and would like them on the Riddell Facebook Page please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.