Riddell Umpires in the Interleague!

A Big Thankyou to Nicole Maree Photography for the photo's supplied!


Have a look at our Riddell Umpires officiating in Interleague games! 

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As MAC's Hotel is our major sponsor we would appreciate it if our members would sign up to become a MAC's hotel member, which can earn us sponsorship rewards (5% off food and beverages). This is for members 18 years and over. We ask that you download the form, print it out, fill it in and then you can pass the form onto a commitee memeber at trainning who will then submit it to MAC's Hotel.

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What it's like to be in the middle of the MCG in front of 74,000 people?

Ever wondered what it's like to be in the middle of the MCG in front of 74,000 people? Check this out...

Thanks to Umpire AFL for the awesome Vision!


Join Riddell Umpires

The Riddell Umpires is a proud Umpiring Association that officiates in the Riddell Distict Football League if you would like to understand more about who we are click here to read Our History 

If your interested in becoming an umpire for the Riddell Umpire's we train at Macpherson's Park Recreation Reserve Oval 1 on Wednesday Nights at 6pm. Come along and see for yourself what it is like, and speak to one of the coaches if you would like to know more about a particular discipline.

If you are on Facebook you can Like the Riddell Umpire's Facebook Page to see updates about training or matchdays. We also advertise our Social functions which occur once a month, this is a great opportunity for umpire's to sit down and relax and interact this helps us create a good team enviroment with members, family and friends, The Facebook Page also has lots of photo's posted for everyone to see. 

Umpiring is a great way to keep fit, create new friendships, and earn some money tax free! Start your umpiring career with the Riddell Umpires!

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Finley on his way to Sydney

Congratulations to Finley Magee who has been selected to go to Sydney with the squad from AFL Goldfields. The location and matches have been changed from Townsville / Mackay to encourage a more compeitive game for the players and umpire. When asked about how he feels to be selected for the trip and the change of location from Far North Queensland Finley said. "The first word that springs to mind is exciting!. I feel extremely priviliged to have been given this amazing opportunity. I think overall it should provide the players and umpires alike with a more beneficial and enjoyable expereince".

Finley will be lucky enough to umpire two games during his time in Sydney, he will be officiating the AFL Goldfields squad against the Sydney Swans Academy team and the North Shore Bombers. Finley will be representing the Riddell Umpires Association, he does so very 'proudly' and looking forward to some "good, hard compeittive footy". 

Finley will be lucky enough to attend the Round 16 GWS Vs Brisbane AFL match at Spotless Stadium, he will get to meet the AFL Umpires and umpire coaches on the day & Finley will get to attend a State umpiring training and review session. Finley will recieve an AFL Club expereince where he will get to visit a Sydney Swans training session with coach and/or player exporsure.

Finally Finley will get to have a Manly Ferry expereince as well as Sydney CBD expereince.

It will be a very fast 6 days for Finley but we are sure he will have a great time and enjoy every minute. Stay tuned as Finley will look to fundraise his trip and it would mean a lot to him if you could support him.  

Congratulations Finley. 

Finley 2