SuperCoach & Footy Tips

Are you a Super Footy Fan? Time to prove you are the best! 

The Riddell Umpires encourages you to join the SuperCoach league and the Footy Tipping Compeititon 


SuperCoach       AFL-Tipping

League Code 430167                Password: RU2019 

More information Provided on Wednesday Night! 

Coaching Calendar


 Coaching Calendar 


Clicking the link above will allow you to view the Coaching Calendar. The Coaching Calendar will also be permanantly found in the Coaching Tab, under 'All Umpires'.

Umpires take note of scheduled Coaching sessions.

If there are any changes discipline coaches will advise via the Weekly Newsletter

Umpires Got Talent

Long time friend and fellow Umpire Ollie Matthews tonight presented Lita Cooney one of his paintings.

The painting is of her family featuring sand from Uluru

Great job Ollie!


Ollies Painting

Social Calendar 2019

Lets Party!
Riddell Umpires are pleased to announce our Official Social Calendar for 2019!

As always Family & Friends are welcome and encouraged to attend.

More details on each event will be available closer to the date

See you soon!


RU Scoial Calender

Congratulations to Rowan and Renne Whitman on Newborn

Congratulations to Senior Umpire Rowan and his partner Renee on the safe arrival of their daughter Keira Jade Whitman.

Can’t wait to see her in Green in 2034!

#fatherdaughter #RUonboard



Kiera Jade Whitman