2020 Coaching Panel Announcement

Its with great excitment that we unveil our 2020 Coaching Panel. With a view of stability all current Senior Competetion  coaches have been reappointed for senior 2020.  

With training to commence 5th Feburary at a new preseason location -Diggers Rest.


2020 Coaching Panel

Changing of the Guard


The Riddell Umpires wish to congratulate and thank David Hili for his tenure as President for the past 7 years.

David poured his heart into the association, and it would not be the same place today without his careful stewardship and tireless dedication to umpiring.

Read more: Changing of the Guard

2019 AFL Umpire Survey

Please read this Memo from the Community Umpiring Manager of Victoria - Russell O'Toole, and complete the survey! (the link can be found in the memo)  


Star Weeky Article

Junior Presentation / Senior Grand Final Appointment Night

The end of the 2019 season is here! The Senior Grand Finals are only days away and we already know our panels!

The Junior Grand Final Presentation / Senior Grand Final Appointment night occured on Wednesday 11th September, and it was a great night at the MAC's Hote. There were many award winners such as The Bob Croxford - Best Club Person award and the Golden Whistle, as well as this we acknowledged the efforts from the Junior Field umpire's who recieved a Grand Final in 2019. Congratulations to everyone who receieved an award and / or a Senior Grand Final Appointment. The Senior Grand Final is occuring on Sunday 15th September at Clarke Oval, Sunbury. As usual the Riddell Umpire's will have a tent set up where there will be a Free BBQ and Can's of Soft Drink served throughout the entire day. All members are encouraged to come along and enjoy the day and cheer on the fellow umpire's who are offciating in the big dance. 



 Lauren Ashford Accreditation

Lauren Ashford 

 Genevieve Balding Accreditation

Genevieve Balding

 Jake Buccarelli Accreditation

Jake Buccarelli 

 Thomas Cardillo Accreditation

Thomas Cardillo

 Brodie Dunn Accreditation

Brodie Dunn

 Joshua Hartney Accreditation

Josua Hartney 

 Cody Mclaughlin Accreditation

Cody Mclaughlin

 Savannah Roberts Accreditation

Savannah Roberts

 Matthew Vanotti Accreditation

Matthew Vanotti 

 Dillon Ziday Accreditation

Dillon Ziday 

 Julien Johnson Accreditation

Julien Johnson 

 Jake Callaghan Accreditation

Jake Callaghan

 Patrick Grindlay Accreditation

Patrick Grindlay 

 Mitchell Howard Accreditation

Mitchell Howard

Kezia Laker Accreditation 

Kezia Laker 

 Lincoln Roberts Accreditation

Lincoln Roberts

 Connor Ziday Accreditation

Connor Ziday



Junior Grand Final Field Umpire Presentations 

 11A Thomas Cardillo

Thomas Cardillo - 11A

 11B Joshua  Jacob Martin

Joshua Martin & Jacob Martin - 11B

 11C Benjamin Kimball

Benjamin Kimball - 11C

 13A Russell Brodie  Jarrod Clarke

Russell Brodie & Jarrod Clarke - 13A

 13B Damian Ashford

Damian Ashford - 13B

 13C Joshua Kimball

Joshua Kimball - 13C

 15A Brandon Warren  Bailey Hermit

Brandon Warren & Bailey Hermit - 15A

 15B Patrick Grindlay  Daryl Port

Patrick Grindlay & Daryl Port - 15B

 15C Matthew Vanotti  Troy Cusack

Matthew Vanotti & Troy Cusack - 15C

 17A Mitchell Howard Kezia Laker  Finley Magee

Mitchell Howard, Kezia Laker &

Finley Magee - 17A

 17B Darwish Chahine Steven Jaunkalns  Connor Ziday

Darwish Chahine, Steven Jaunkalns &

Connor Ziday - 17B



Award Winners 

 Feild Best First Year - Matthew Vanotti

Best First Year Field Umpire 

Matthew Vanotti 

 Boundary Best First Year - Savannah Roberts

Best First Year Boundary Umpire

Savannah Roberts

 Goals Best First Year - Genevieve Balding

Best First Year Goal Umpire

Genevieve Balding

 Bob Croxford Award - Darren Quirk

Bob Croxford - Best Club Person

Darren Quirk  

 Golden Whistle - Alex Bond

Golden Whistle 

Alex Bond 

 Training Award - Darwish Chahine

Training Award 

Darwish Chahine

 Legends Award

Legends Award

Rob Semmens, Ian Semmens, 

John Bretag & Graeme Carter 

 Umpires of the Year

Umpire's Of the Year 

Field - Alex Bond

Goal - Andrew Crone

Boundary - Jacob Martin



Senior Grand Final Panels 

 Buffalo Sports U19.5 Panel

2019 Buffalo Sports U19.5 Grand Final Panel 

Field Umpires: Steven Jaunkalns, Kezia Laker & Harley Darmanin

Boundary Umpires: Julien Johnson, Brandon Warren, Bailey Hermit & Alec Boorsma

Goal Umpires: Anthony Gilleis & Graeme Carter 


Melton Toyota Reserves Panel

2019 Melton Toyota Reserves Panel

Field Umpires: Alex Bond, Darwish Chahine & Finley Magee

Boundary Umpires: Lincoln Roberts, Jarrod Clarke, Jake Patton & Jaydon Lowe

Goal Umpires: Lachlan Edwardes & David Hili 

 Ontime Delivery Solutions Seniors Panel

2019 Ontime Delivery Solutions Seniors Panel 

Field Umpires: Troy Jones, Brendan Taylor & Rowan Whitman

Boundary Umpires: Joshua Martin, Jacob Martin, Brayden Howard & Austin Rantall 

Goal Umpires: Addam Icely & Andrew Crone  



 Grand Final Schedule





Junior Grand Final Panels 2019


Riddell Umpire's Junior Grand Final Panels 2019

Congratulations to everyone who was appointed.









Left to Right: 

Anthony Gillies, Jarrod Clarke, Jake Callaghan, Rob Lynch, Mitchell Howard, Ronan Bolger, Finley Magee, Julien Johnson.  

Absent: Kezia Laker. 



Left to Right: 

 Alec Boorsma, Cody Mclaughlin, Lachlan Edwardes, Joshua Hartney, Lauren Ashford, Steven Jaunkalns, Darwish Chahine, Connor Ziday. 

Absent: Bardyn McIntyre. 


Left to Right:

Jaydon Lowe, Brandon Warren, Anthony Gillies, Rob Lynch, Bailey Hermit.  

Absent: Lincoln Roberts. 



15C 13A


Left to Right:

Austin Rantall, Lachlan Edwardes, Daryl Port, Patrick Grindlay, Brayden Howard.

Absent: Bardyn McIntyre.



Left to Right: 

Adam Carter, Jake, Bucciarelli, Troy Cusack, Matthew Vanotti.

Absent: Bruce Pizaro, Harrison Frigo 


Left to Right:

Graeme Carter, Jarrod Clarke, Joshua Martin

Absent: Russell Brodie, Jacob Martin, Alan Matthews. 



13C 11A



Left to Right:

Rowan Whitman, Brandon Warren, Harrison Eales, Bailey Hermit, John Bretag.

Asbent: Harrison Frigo.



Left to Right:

Joshua Kimball, Lolita Cooney, Genevieve Balding, Damian Ashford. 


Absent: Andrew Gati, Liam Fisher 


Left to Right:

Lolita Cooney, Savannah Roberts, Genevieve Balding, Thomas Cardilo.

Absent: Dempsey Roberts, Barry West.







Left to Right:

Natalie Port, Joshua Martin, Liam Port, John Bretag 

Absent Harley Darminan, Jacob Martin. 



Left to Right:

Benjamin Kimball, Brodie Dunn, Graeme Carter, Matthew Vanotti, David Shugg, Bruce Pizaro.  


 RDFL Junior GF schedule